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Offering a wide range of Platform Scales, Bench Scales...

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How to choose a Scale ?
There are a number of factors that must be considered when purchasing a scale, whether it be a fine laboratory balance or truck scale, before determining the best buy in terms of quality and price.

Some questions to ask
* What are the largest and smallest weights you need to weigh?
* Will what you normally weigh fit on the base of the scale?
* What is the minimum accuracy you need?
* Is the scale in a harsh or hazardous environment?
* Do you need the indicator to control any external devices - i.e. remote displayboards, printers, etc?
* Will the scale have to be moved around from time to time?

Here are answers to some Frequently asked questions
1. What kind of scale do I need?
This depends entirely on the application, the degree of accuracy required and whether or not it is required to be legal for trade.

2. How rugged are your scales and will they be suitable for a harsh enviroment?
Goldtech Scales offers scales that are designed to be effective in the type of enviroment in which they will be used. Once we know the application we can help you determine the scale that will best suit your need.

3. Do you have portable scales?
We sell portable scales that can run on AC or DC power for every application from laboratory balances to portable heavy duty scales scales.

4. Can my scale be interfaced to a printer or computer?
Many scales have an output port (RS232) for use with an external device i.e. computer, printer, remote displayboard, etc. In some cases the output port can be added as an option.

5. How much will a scale cost?
There are many different scales available for a variety of applications and the cost is dependent on such factors as capacity, accuracy and output devices.

6. What warranty do scales carry?
All digital scales carry a minimum of one year while some components, i.e. load cells and structural steel truck scale bridges, carry a more extensive warranty.

Contact Goldtech Scales for the answers to any questions that you may have regarding your present weigh system or a new scale, e-mail our experienced sales and service staff for solid, no nonsense advice! Estimates are free.

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